Musician, Engineer

Alex Hall is a Chicago-based musician and engineer. He spends his time playing with and recording a variety of local and not-so-local musical-types including The Fat Babies, The Flat Five (feat. Kelly Hogan, Nora O'Connor, Scott Ligon, & Casey McDonough), J.D. McPherson, Pokey LaFarge, Joel Paterson, Robbie Fulks, The Western Elstons, The Cactus Blossoms, Chris Foreman and a host of others, all quite worthy but too numerous to ramble on here.

When he's not behind the drums or keyboards on stage, you can find him at the helm of Reliable Recorders/Hi-Style Studio in Chicago, twiddling knobs ferociously and wielding heavy microphones with aplomb. For those in need, he'll happily consider your mix or recording project.

Should you like to chat him up, he drums semi-regularly at The Green Mill with Joel Paterson and friends. He can also be found at other Chicago-area haunts in myriad musical combinations.

Email him here if you're inclined: alex [at] hallalex [dot] com. Easy!


Jake La Botz
Hair On Fire
JD McPherson
The Warm Covers EP, Vol. 2
New West, 2022
Rami & The Reliables
After All These Years
Jack Klatt
Edge of the End
Yep Roc, 2022
The Cactus Blossoms
One Day
Walkie Talkie, 2022
Pokey LaFarge
In the Blossom of Their Shade
New West, 2021
The Flat Five
Another World
Pravda, 2020
Joel Paterson
Let It Be Acoustic Guitar!
Bloodshot, 2020
Pokey LaFarge
Rock Bottom Rhapsody
New West, 2020
The Lovestruck Balladeers
The Lovestruck Balladeers
Joel Paterson
Let It Be Guitar!
Bloodshot, 2019
Robbie Fulks
Bloodshot, 2019
Daddy Long Legs
Lowdown Ways
Yep Roc, 2019
The Fat Babies
Delmark, 2019
Native Harrow
Happier Now
Jack Klatt
It Ain't The Same
Yep-Roc, 2019
The Cactus Blossoms
Easy Way
Walkie Talkie, 2019
The Yawpers
Human Question
Bloodshot, 2019
J.D. McPherson
New West, 2018
Robbie Fulks & Linda Gail Lewis
Wild! Wild! Wild!
Bloodshot, 2018
Jake Sanders
Estrellas De Radio
Jalopy, 2018
The Jonathan Doyle Swingtet
The Road Is Leaving
Jake LaBotz
Hi-Style, 2017
The Yawpers
Boy In A Well
Bloodshot, 2017
The Flat Five
It's A World Of Love And Hope
AugieDisc/Bloodshot, 2016
The Fat Babies
Solid Gassuh
Delmark, 2016
Robbie Fulks
Upland Stories
Bloodshot, 2016 * Grammy®-Nominated
The Cactus Blossoms
You're Dreaming
Red House, 2016
Pokey LaFarge
Something In The Water
Rounder, 2015
JD McPherson
Let The Good Times Roll
Rounder, 2015
The Bellfuries
Workingman's Bellfuries
Hi-Style, 2015
JD McPherson
Signs & Signifers
Hi-Style/Rounder, 2013
The Fat Babies
18th & Racine
Delmark, 2014
Jim Liban & Joel Paterson
I Say What I Mean
Ventrella, 2014

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